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Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis Demands a Birth Injury Lawyer

You know something isn't quite right with your brand new baby. For some, the birthing process was traumatic, and there are obvious injuries to your child. For others, it can actually take months or even years to hear the diagnosis of cerebral palsy. In almost every case, a doctor's negligence was at fault, and you have to act - now- by consulting the best birth injury lawyer you can.

Cerebral palsy can leave your child physically and mentally devastated. Some people with CP need feeding tubes and catheters their entire lives. Others retain normal mental capabilities, but rely on wheelchairs and significant assistance. Some have very minor effects from the birth trauma, walking with only a slight limp, or having one arm that doesn't work as well.

But, when your baby is born, there is no real way of knowing just how his or her life, and yours, will be affected. Doctors don't tell you, because they don't know. Contact a lawyer now, so you have your options in place. There will be financial burden in raising the child, and emotional roller coasters. You may decide to wait, hoping your baby will "outgrow" the problems, but, in reality, as people with cerebral palsy grow and get heavier, their physical issues will magnify.

Do it now, call a good birth injury lawyer. If mistakes were made, the physician must pay.


birth defect lawyer assistance

Cerebral palsy is a condition which may have been caused by a birth defect prior to delivery or due to a birth defect which occurred during delivery. A child whom is born with pre-delivery cerebral palsy may be born several weeks premature and/or needed several weeks of ventilation after birth. Cerebral palsy is a condition which affects motor skills in a person and may be partially diagnosed in response to the child not reaching developmental milestones within the first eighteen months. A child with cerebral palsy will have little muscle control with ridged or week muscle tone which could be mild to severe, but with proper treatment and continued care and physical therapy they should be able to show signs of improvement. The exact cause of cerebral palsy is not totally understood. If your child is born with a floppy appearance, dusky or blue in color, fails to breathe immediately following delivery or develops seizures shortly after delivery you may consider consulting a birth defect lawyer. A birth defect lawyer may be able to better assist you and your child in the confusing time of medical procedure research and testing to locate the cause and if a medical during pregnancy or delivery may have aided in your child’s debilitating condition. Don't wait, locate the legal staff within this specialized field today so that they can help assist you and your family to help improve your tomorrow.


Birth injury law

Birth injury laws are in place to protect the child, parents and families of the affected child. It is also in place to ensure that physicians give the best and most comprehensive care and treatment to everyone at all times. Physicians are educated and trained to observe, care and treat a vast array of medical conditions. The birth injury law was put in place to ensure that these physicians are held responsible for their decisions, since people’s lives and futures are within their hands. The physician’s decisions in a split second of an emergency, surgical or delivery room can be the difference of life or death for many people whom trust them to know the right thing to do in a split second. These physicians are also required to continue care in a manner as to not do harm as well as to treat a person to reduce the possibility of residual harm. Birth injuries may be a little more difficult, but a lawyer whom specialized in these types of cases and situations will have a better idea on which birth injury law may fit your situation. If your child does not appear to be responding, reacting, growing or learning as he/she should for their age you may consider speaking to a birth injury lawyer and see if you may have grounds for any birth injury claims. Filing a claim is not retaliation; it is a way to hold the person responsible for the failure to ensure safety and care as well as a way to ensure your child’s future medical, emotional and physical care needs are provided for.


Birth injuries

Minor birth injuries are not an uncommon occurrence. But the severity of the injuries may be of concern. Some facial bruising is a common occurrence and should heal within days and in some cases weeks. You will want to watch for proper healing and growth of your child. If your child has unusually large, dark or what appears as deep areas of bruising you will want to make certain he/she is checked thoroughly by your obstetrician for any birth injuries. All infants are checked and cleared by the hospital obstetric physician prior to leaving the hospital, but it is a good idea to have your obstetrician give your new baby a full check up soon after leaving the hospital. This will give you ease of mind, and ensure that the hospital did not make a mistake or miss something that your child needs immediate or on going treatment for. You should not be concerned with minor bruising, but your obstetrician will be able to tell you whether or not your concerns are due to “normal” delivery, or if there may have been an error causing additional injury to your child. You are the parent, and you need to be pro active in the safety, security, care and treatment of your child, you are his/her first line of defense to expedient, proper and necessary care. If you or your obstetrician feels that there was a mistake by the hospital, physician or staff you will want to contact a birth injury lawyer right away. And you will want to ensure your child gets immediate care. Put off care can cause unnecessary additional complications in some cases.


Birth brain injuries

Birth malpractice is a serious concern for anyone, but it is a very prevalent concern when your child is born and does not seem to “act” in a “normal” way. A birth brain injury can be caused by many different factors during the delivery process. If you had a very long and difficult delivery then the doctor should have recognized the signs with his/her experience that there may be a problem and step must be taken to ensure that the unborn child does not suffer brain injury due to a lack of oxygen. When these steps are taken, they can also cause brain or other injuries to your infant if not performed properly. If suction and/or forceps are not used in a proper manner during child birth it can cause brain, nerve, bone and joint or other serious harm to your child which could be permanent. Physicians usually know if a woman is or is not “built” for “natural child birth” as she comes in for her prenatal exams and checkups and caesarian section may be discussed and arrange prior to the delivery date. If this is the case, or if the doctor decides in the delivery room that a c-section is warranted then you are trusting that your doctor knows what he/she is doing. If there are any mistakes though, you may be looking at months, years or a lifetime of physical, medical and/or mental issues which will require care and treatment and you will want to ensure that this is top quality care that will stand the test of time. When you are in the delivery room and you are attempting to bring this life into the world you are trusting that your physician and his/her staff are well educated, trained and experienced to delivery this child in a safe and secure environment ensuring that every precaution is taken to make certain this child is as healthy as possible with no errors. If you feel this was not the case in your situation call the birth injury layers in your area, and begin obtaining the care your child deserves.


Cerebral palsy malpractice

Birth injury lawyers can be very helpful to you, your family and your child if the cause of your child’s cerebral palsy was due to the errors or inactions of your physician and/or medical staff during your child’s delivery. As a new mother you have given your trust and confidence into your physician and his/her staff that they will treat and care for you and you new child with the utmost skill and professionalism. You trust that they know when and how to properly use the tools and instruments properly if they are needed during your delivery. If you feel or have proof that there was an error made, you will want to contact a birth injury lawyer right away. These lawyers specialize in a variety of situations when medical staff has made errors which have caused permanent mental or physical harm to a person which may require that person to have a life time of care, treatment and assistance. Even though the initial damage has been done, and you can’t go back and fix it, you may be able to obtain assistance to help properly facilitate and care for your child’s condition. There is no way to fix the great injustice, but there may be a way to help ease the pain which will come and ensure that your child is as comfortable, happy and healthy as possible. So don't hessitate, find a birth injury lawyer today, and ensure your child's tomorrow.


Cerebral Palsy: Time for a Birth Injury Lawyer

There is nothing more frightening than realizing something is very wrong with your beautiful new baby. If the diagnosis is cerebral palsy, parents are in shock, they grieve, they try to come to grips with what this will mean for their helpless infant.
But they also need to come to grips with what this will mean to them: a wonderful child they will love above all else, yes, but also a life-time of doctor's visits, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, attendants, "durable medical equipment", such as expensive wheelchairs, special beds, lifts, costly vans and the like. .
Very often, cerebral palsy is the direct result of a doctor's error.
While it is very hard for parents to look up from the trenches of taking care of a child with cerebral palsy, it is important that they be convinced to do so and contact a reputable birth injury lawyer. Parents want and need to believe their child will beat the odds and learn to walk and talk...and they may. As tired as they are now, as much hope they have for the little child they can carry around now, no one can really know what the future will bring.

Find out as soon as possible if negligence caused your child's condition. You must get compensation. You owe it to your child to see that justice is done and the many medical costs will be covered.

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