Birth brain injuries

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Birth brain injuries

Birth malpractice is a serious concern for anyone, but it is a very prevalent concern when your child is born and does not seem to “act” in a “normal” way. A birth brain injury can be caused by many different factors during the delivery process. If you had a very long and difficult delivery then the doctor should have recognized the signs with his/her experience that there may be a problem and step must be taken to ensure that the unborn child does not suffer brain injury due to a lack of oxygen. When these steps are taken, they can also cause brain or other injuries to your infant if not performed properly. If suction and/or forceps are not used in a proper manner during child birth it can cause brain, nerve, bone and joint or other serious harm to your child which could be permanent. Physicians usually know if a woman is or is not “built” for “natural child birth” as she comes in for her prenatal exams and checkups and caesarian section may be discussed and arrange prior to the delivery date. If this is the case, or if the doctor decides in the delivery room that a c-section is warranted then you are trusting that your doctor knows what he/she is doing. If there are any mistakes though, you may be looking at months, years or a lifetime of physical, medical and/or mental issues which will require care and treatment and you will want to ensure that this is top quality care that will stand the test of time. When you are in the delivery room and you are attempting to bring this life into the world you are trusting that your physician and his/her staff are well educated, trained and experienced to delivery this child in a safe and secure environment ensuring that every precaution is taken to make certain this child is as healthy as possible with no errors. If you feel this was not the case in your situation call the birth injury layers in your area, and begin obtaining the care your child deserves.



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