Birth injury law

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Birth injury law

Birth injury laws are in place to protect the child, parents and families of the affected child. It is also in place to ensure that physicians give the best and most comprehensive care and treatment to everyone at all times. Physicians are educated and trained to observe, care and treat a vast array of medical conditions. The birth injury law was put in place to ensure that these physicians are held responsible for their decisions, since people’s lives and futures are within their hands. The physician’s decisions in a split second of an emergency, surgical or delivery room can be the difference of life or death for many people whom trust them to know the right thing to do in a split second. These physicians are also required to continue care in a manner as to not do harm as well as to treat a person to reduce the possibility of residual harm. Birth injuries may be a little more difficult, but a lawyer whom specialized in these types of cases and situations will have a better idea on which birth injury law may fit your situation. If your child does not appear to be responding, reacting, growing or learning as he/she should for their age you may consider speaking to a birth injury lawyer and see if you may have grounds for any birth injury claims. Filing a claim is not retaliation; it is a way to hold the person responsible for the failure to ensure safety and care as well as a way to ensure your child’s future medical, emotional and physical care needs are provided for.



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