Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis Demands a Birth Injury Lawyer

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Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis Demands a Birth Injury Lawyer

You know something isn't quite right with your brand new baby. For some, the birthing process was traumatic, and there are obvious injuries to your child. For others, it can actually take months or even years to hear the diagnosis of cerebral palsy. In almost every case, a doctor's negligence was at fault, and you have to act - now- by consulting the best birth injury lawyer you can.

Cerebral palsy can leave your child physically and mentally devastated. Some people with CP need feeding tubes and catheters their entire lives. Others retain normal mental capabilities, but rely on wheelchairs and significant assistance. Some have very minor effects from the birth trauma, walking with only a slight limp, or having one arm that doesn't work as well.

But, when your baby is born, there is no real way of knowing just how his or her life, and yours, will be affected. Doctors don't tell you, because they don't know. Contact a lawyer now, so you have your options in place. There will be financial burden in raising the child, and emotional roller coasters. You may decide to wait, hoping your baby will "outgrow" the problems, but, in reality, as people with cerebral palsy grow and get heavier, their physical issues will magnify.

Do it now, call a good birth injury lawyer. If mistakes were made, the physician must pay.



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