birth defect lawyer assistance

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birth defect lawyer assistance

Cerebral palsy is a condition which may have been caused by a birth defect prior to delivery or due to a birth defect which occurred during delivery. A child whom is born with pre-delivery cerebral palsy may be born several weeks premature and/or needed several weeks of ventilation after birth. Cerebral palsy is a condition which affects motor skills in a person and may be partially diagnosed in response to the child not reaching developmental milestones within the first eighteen months. A child with cerebral palsy will have little muscle control with ridged or week muscle tone which could be mild to severe, but with proper treatment and continued care and physical therapy they should be able to show signs of improvement. The exact cause of cerebral palsy is not totally understood. If your child is born with a floppy appearance, dusky or blue in color, fails to breathe immediately following delivery or develops seizures shortly after delivery you may consider consulting a birth defect lawyer. A birth defect lawyer may be able to better assist you and your child in the confusing time of medical procedure research and testing to locate the cause and if a medical during pregnancy or delivery may have aided in your child’s debilitating condition. Don't wait, locate the legal staff within this specialized field today so that they can help assist you and your family to help improve your tomorrow.



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