Birth injuries

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Birth injuries

Minor birth injuries are not an uncommon occurrence. But the severity of the injuries may be of concern. Some facial bruising is a common occurrence and should heal within days and in some cases weeks. You will want to watch for proper healing and growth of your child. If your child has unusually large, dark or what appears as deep areas of bruising you will want to make certain he/she is checked thoroughly by your obstetrician for any birth injuries. All infants are checked and cleared by the hospital obstetric physician prior to leaving the hospital, but it is a good idea to have your obstetrician give your new baby a full check up soon after leaving the hospital. This will give you ease of mind, and ensure that the hospital did not make a mistake or miss something that your child needs immediate or on going treatment for. You should not be concerned with minor bruising, but your obstetrician will be able to tell you whether or not your concerns are due to “normal” delivery, or if there may have been an error causing additional injury to your child. You are the parent, and you need to be pro active in the safety, security, care and treatment of your child, you are his/her first line of defense to expedient, proper and necessary care. If you or your obstetrician feels that there was a mistake by the hospital, physician or staff you will want to contact a birth injury lawyer right away. And you will want to ensure your child gets immediate care. Put off care can cause unnecessary additional complications in some cases.



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