Importance of Worker Comp Laws

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Importance of Worker Comp Laws

Workers comp laws are in place to help not only the employee but the employer as well. Every case must be looked at individually as the circumstances that caused the accident are always different. There are many cases that are not valid in which an employee thinks they found a way that they can collect a paycheck without working. This is considered fraud and the person in question could be severely punished for it, including huge fines and up to five years in prison.

Each state has different laws, so be sure to check out the specific laws in your state so that you know what your rights are if you legitimately get hurt. Each employer should have a poster or book including all work related laws posted where everyone can see them. This is a law according to every state. It is important to note that pain and suffering are not part of an employers responsibilities to pay. Although it is not part of what the employer is required to pay out, many employers are nice enough to pay something in pain and suffering.

In any case that a work related injury or work related disease is present, the employee has twenty-four hours to visit the doctor. This is mandatory if you want to file a workman's comp claim. You must tell the doctor what happened and any particular instances surrounding the event. The doctor will assess the situation and give you a note for your employer with more detailed information so that your employer knows that you may not be able to go back to work for a period of time.



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