Accident Work Related Tips

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Accident Work Related Tips

If you have ever had an accident, work related or otherwise you know that medical bills can pile up quickly as do your household bills due to your inability to work. Most people believe that if you are injured at work you will automatically get workers compensation. Attorney intervention is often necessary however to get you everything you are entitled to. Here are a couple of tips you should keep in mind if you ever have an accident work related, or employee caused.

Drugs /Alcohol

Most companies have a zero tolerance for drug or alcohol related work accidents. As a general rule you can expect to lose your employment if you are hurt and under the influence. However, this does not mean you automatically lose all rights to compensation. A good workers compensation attorney can argue on your behalf and win in some cases. Just because you have drugs or alcohol in your system does not mean you were the one at fault. For example if you can prove that equipment failed which caused your injury you could walk away with a settlement.

Attorney First

Anytime you have an accident, work related or not you should find the best attorney possible. Do not just assume you have no right to financial compensation or you have to settle for whatever paltry sum the company wants to pay. You have rights and you should protect them by hiring a good workers compensation attorney from day one.



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