Failure to diagnose

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Failure to diagnose

The failure to diagnose a brain injury can have a deadly result. Our brain control all functions within our bodies, and a brain injury can cause these functions to be interrupted. Our brain controls everything from speech, muscle control, thought, heart, blood pressure and every other organ and operation within our body. With any brain injury you could be looking at many different levels of incapacitation ranging from slurred speech, muscle control, bowel and bladder control all the way to stopping your heart. The brain is a very powerful muscle and must be treated in a special manner to ensure that all necessary treatment and care are taken following a brain injury of any size and magnitude. Even what appears to be a minor brain injury can cause a concussion, which can cause your body to shut down and go into a comma or cause death. If you are concerned that your physician did not diagnose you or a loved one with a brain injury after a care treatment, you may consider contacting a brain injury lawyer to find out if you have any recourse for the failure to properly diagnose. The sooner a brain injury is diagnoses, the sooner treatment can be started – which should help reduce the amount of lasting physical and mental damage. Proper emergency care is key with head/brain injuries just as it is in any obviously serious injury situations.



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