Understanding a Wrongful Death Suit

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Understanding a Wrongful Death Suit

A wrongful death suit is any legal action taken to compensate one for the wrongful death of a loved one caused by any number of factors. This could be negligence, lack of proper medical treatment, nursing home abuse that led to the patient’s death or even an automobile accident where the deceased was not at fault.

Generally wrongful death suits take anywhere from a year to several years to settle due to various appeals and procedures used to prolong the suit by the defendant. If you feel your loved one has suffered a wrongful death you should seek a consultation with an Attorney who specializes in wrongful death suits.

The Attorney will know what and what is not considered a wrongful death in your state as well as what criteria must be met to file suit against the defendant. Often times the defendant is an insurance company, as drivers, medical personnel and most large companies has liability insurance for just this purpose. It is seldom you will be filing a wrongful death suit against an individual and though you may file one and be awarded a guilty verdict along with a financial damage award they are sometime’s very hard to collect from.

A wrongful death suit is likely to take a while to settle but if you feel strongly in your case the final defendants verdict of guilty may be worth the wait.



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