Injury at Work:What to Expect

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Injury at Work:What to Expect

Let's face it, accidents happen. They occur anywhere: at work, at home, on the road, on the street. In some cases, one person is at fault and other times, well, it's just an accident. Companies, where employees use machinery and lift heavy items, are more at risk for work-related injuries. These employers must carry a workers compensation policy for such situations. Workers comp covers the injured employee and compensates him or her for the work time loss and medical bills. If the injury at work is more serious, the insurance company will make disability payments. If the employee can no longer perform the duties in the same position, the workers comp may cover training costs to help the employee get another job.

In order to receive the compensation, an injury report must be filed with the insurance company. There are instances when some or all benefits are denied or cancelled. It is essential to consult an attorney in such situations. An experienced injury lawyer will determine which benefits are due and will file the appropriate forms. Injury at work may happen to anyone. It is important to know the legal rights in this situation.



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