How to Prevent a Work Place Injury from Becoming a Permanent Disability

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How to Prevent a Work Place Injury from Becoming a Permanent Disability

A work injury which could have been avoided could become a permanent disability. This is specially so when workers do not pay heed to the safety equipment provided to them and are careless about their own wellbeing. Jobs which are hazardous do offer good compensation plans to the workers however, personal safety equipment has been procured for the purpose of safety and should be utilized in the right way. Some of the equipment which may be essential to wear is the head gear like helmets, glasses to avoid splinters getting into the eyes, masks if there are gases at the work place like mines and even simple stuff like gloves.

Most people go through a training period where they are taught the use of the equipment and the purpose too. It is a part of the management’s responsibility to make sure that their employees have been through this procedure to avoid any mishaps which could cause permanent disability and even cause loss of life. Usually the company calls for a mock drill to ensure that their employees have not forgotten the use of the equipment. Apart from this the worker should also be aware of what the insurance benefits are for various kinds of injuries. It is best to sit with the insurance agent or the human resource department and go over these issues before one starts work.



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