Nursing Home Lawsuits

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Nursing Home Lawsuits

With more and more seniors finding it difficult to maintain themselves financially and keep up with their health care needs, they are frequently left with no options but to move to a nursing home. Frequently reviews aren't read and the latest infractions of the nursing home are not part of the guided tour or glossy advertisement.

Nursing home lawsuits have become common place, with nursing homes understaffed and employees overworked, often being responsible for 11 to 13 patients at one time it’s no wonder eldercare attorneys are finding themselves busier.

Signs of nursing home abuse are frequently overlooked by family members, though they may feel ill at ease with the care their family member is receiving in the facility. Common signs of neglect or abuse are bed sores, dehydration and malnutrition. Those signs are generally easy to notice while some signs are more difficult.

Constant urinary tract infections may be a sign that the resident is not receiving proper hygiene care. Skin tears are actual tears in the skin because skin becomes quite a bit thinner as we age and often times employees transferring residents or providing other care can carelessly cause a skin tear, sometimes not explained to the family.

Unreasonable restraints of a resident, either chemically or physically are also signs of nursing home abuse. A Doctor's order is required for any type of physical restraints, including wheelchair lap bars, which keeps a resident from getting up, bed rails, which keep a resident confined to bed and other chemical restraints such as a tranquilizer as needed ordered by the Doctor. These orders are sometimes used with much leeway and it is up to the discretion of the staff as to whether chemical restraints are actually necessary.



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