elderly law

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elderly law

Elder abuse laws are general guidelines for care, consistency and proper humanity and humility for care and treatment of the elderly persons in our community. A person’s legal, financial, racial, political or religious stature has NO bearing upon your legal rights to humane treatment and care. One of the first and foremost concerns that most people think of when thinking elder abuse is physical abuse. Elderly abuse can also be psychological abuse, where a person causes a degree of fear in another person. Psychological abuse on an elderly person usually is due to a person threatening, suggesting or implying to an elderly person that their person care and daily needs will be diminished or stopped if they do not comply with that person’s will or want. This type of abuse can be difficult to “see” with your eyes, but you may notice a difference in behavior from your elderly family member when you visit, or maybe your elderly family member has been giving away money or objects to this care taker. As a concerned family member of an elderly person you will want to observe both physical and psychological changes in your loved one. If you notice these changes or are concerned that there may be something just not right, call an elder abuse lawyer right away to better protect your loved one.



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