elderly abuse

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elderly abuse

Elderly abuse in nursing homes are a concern for anyone looking to place a loved one in a nursing home environment. Most people have a difficult time deciding to put a loved one into a nursing home. The first question that usually comes to mind is: Is it time to take this step. This is a big and difficult question to ask and answer for most. When you and your other family members are no longer able to care for your loved one whom is struggling with maintain basic daily living activities for themselves and the immediate family is unable to fulfill their daily requirements, then it is probably time to seek outside assistance. There are numerous agencies available to help you find, locate and receive the necessary information to make the best decision for your family member. When looking for a nursing home for a family member you will want to start by searching and visiting nursing homes in your area. When you visit the nursing homes you will want to check for cleanliness, staff responses to their ability to care for your loved ones specific needs, speak to some of the residents to find if they are happy with their care and if they have any complaints about the services provided. If you are unable to speak with any residents or they state that they may not be getting the care and treatment which is adequate, you may want to look elsewhere. One of the first signs you may want to watch for from the residence would be the inability or lack of desire to speak with anyone. This may mean they feel there will be consequences if they were to speak out against the staff or organization.



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